• Sculptures & Murals

    The history of Indian art begins with an account of mural works. The 'Narpavi' artists follows this tradition in a unique manner presenting independent images and scenes. Murals of icon imagery is an integral part of 'Narpavi'.
    The artists at Narpavi executes the same surface richness, vivid colors and compact compositions of this classical art form essentially serving as devotional icons.
    The themes of most of these paintings are hindu gods, godesses and saints as well.
  • Pooja Mandapam & Doors

    Motivated by a sense of Indian ethnic culture and rituals, Narpavi offers 'space effective pooja mandapams', which are custom made to fit into a modern apartments and independent houses.
    Exquisites and intricate carvings make these mandapams a sight to behold.
    They are rendered in various materials such as fibre glass, wood and also in a combination materials. Further divine images are installed to cater to individual needs.
  • Narpavi Stones

    Each piece of work is considered as an elaborate process demanding a high degree of skill and craftmanship.
  • News & Events

    "The Hindu" India's National Newspaper reviews about Narpavi.
    When creativity takes wing…